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How The Whatif Monster came to be

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The book is ready to be shopped to publishers, but it is not being sent out yet. I wanted to launch my Whatif Monster plushies first. Why? I am not sure, it was just something I felt I REALLY had to do.

I SOLD THE BOOK!! Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster will be available Fall 2012 with Kane Miller/Usborne Publishing.

But, in the mean time, I would LOVE for you to hear my story! So sit down, get some milk and cookies then click below and listen to me read Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster.

(And parents, you can thank me later for reading a story to your child as many times as they want to click! Take a break and let me do the work tonite! I know. I am awesome like that. But I know you are too, on account of you are looking at my page. Like attracts like and all that.)



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